Support & Maintenance

NOORLOGIC Provides ALL in One Support and Maintenance Service

We provide mission-critical support services, including maintenance, websites support for various enterprises. Avoid the costs of support or maintenance of full-time employees and pay for only the services you require.

NOORLOGIC’s support services empower you to stay competitive, reduce your expenses and manage your business more effectively.

Why you should use support and maintenance services?

Application Maintenance and Support solutions include all the skills and requirements for supporting application systems. These solutions include troubleshooting, modifying, maintaining and enhancing legacy systems.

How our support and maintenance services work

We typically begin by auditing our parter’s website or application. Our audit will help to analyze and reveal the health-related issues and solve them in no time. After the audit, NOORLOGIC will present a detailed plan for the maintenance and support of your enterprise website. Solving all the problems we will handle all the crucial processes within the organization and boost your website performance.

With professional application support by NOORLOGIC, your enterprise will:

Free and safe in-house IT resources to focus on core competencies. Improve service response and resolution time. Get rid of unnecessary junk which can harm your website performance. Achieve faster and smoother introduction of new products or services to end-users.

Software Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support professionals will help you fix errors (regardless of logical errors, coding errors, or other errors) in your software system. Moreover, we constantly check for any bug that may come up in your software algorithms and act in the shortest time. Keeping special attention to your corporate website we make the most of the technology, examining your software thoroughly for any modifications, enhancements, and other requirements that it may need, and take necessary action.

NOORLOGIC is a flexible team of professionals dealing with:

Flexible pricing and time

We listen, take care and offer you multiple Pricing and Time (24X7, Weekly, Hourly) options. To make your job easier, we offer you a custom package that suits your unique corporate needs.

Timely Support

After launching your product, we offer support for any Software developed by us. Besides, we also have a maintenance and support option for third-party software. Moreover, we offer affordable Yearly/Monthly support packages that will make your website fly higher.

Maintenance for Entire Software Lifecycle

Bugs - these are the key part of why your website is unhealthy. To avoid this nasty situation, you will need to keep your online presence monitored all the time. When having troubleshooting software issues, we do our best to implement maintenance tasks on a regular basis. Those tasks include managing the source code itself, releases, fixing website crashes, etc.

Multiple Contract Options

Software Support and Maintenance is usually a long-term contract, we do understand that. It requires systematic monitoring of the website to avoid all the necessary unpleasant situations. We understand our partners’ support requirements and train our support engineers accordingly, keeping aware of the latest innovations. Having flexible options, we also provide monthly support options.

At NOORLOGIC, the only way to maximize efficiency and minimize issues is through regular support. We are convinced that your success is our success. So be aware that we strive to become your reliable long-term partner and assist you with quality and flexibility to meet the expectations of your customers.

Ensures that your business website and other applications are managed and operated properly to provide secure, fast and smooth performance online.

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