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NOORLOGIC team masterfully combines proven development techniques and innovations to provide an exceptional user experience and offer the best software development solution for you.

Custom Software Development

We listen to your ideas and create custom software solutions from the ground up, designed especially for your enterprise. Providing Business Intelligence Software solutions, we’re here to help you identify your software products and processes strengths and opportunities so you can maximize your profit.

Benefits of Custom Software Development

There are numerous benefits both for custom software and "off-the-shelf" solutions. By choosing custom software development from NOORLOGIC, you’ll enjoy a number of advantages of the custom system, tailored for your business success.

Full Ownership

Full flexibility

Technology Independent

Customized solution

Want to develop software from scratch or customize already built software?

Why work with NOORLOGIC to create your software?

We listen, take care and offer you multiple Pricing and Time (24X7, Weekly, Hourly) options. To make your job easier, we offer you a custom package that suits your unique corporate needs.

Top-notch front-end

A user-centric interface will help your business stand out among the competition.

Reliable back-end

An easy-to-maintain and crash-free back-end will help you increase customers’ interaction.

Skilled professionals

Our team of skilled professionals will help you excel in your field and outrank you competitors.

Full-cycle delivery

Our team will cover your project lifecycle from the first initial to the market-ready brand.

Get an unbiased evaluation of your software solution and
build a trustful roadmap for future
development, with NOORLOGIC

Custom Software Services

NOORLOGIC offers you a unique soft service package to suit your needs. We will plan, build
and implement custom software solutions for your corporate website.

Business Intelligence

Deliver the right information to the right audience through business intelligence service and
advanced data analytics.

Our Business Intelligence services solve your enterprise problems via
business analytics from enterprise-class Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Business Process Automation

Process automation is the use of technology to automate business processes to sequentially
transition from one task to the next with minimal human intervention. With automation experts,
you will automate business processes avoiding additional costs.

Electronic Data interchange

We provide the industry’s most accredited full-service EDI solutions. With our EDI services, you
will not only get a dedicated team of experts but you will also ensure you are ready for your next
EDI order.

Intelligent Optical Character Recognition (IOCR)

Extract. Convert. Edit.

This can be your best business solution converting your converted text
into a machine-readable form that you can use it for data processing, such as editing or searching.

Claims and Encounter Processing System

Our claims and encounterprocessing system helpspayers handle systematic processing of interpretation, error management, and reconciliation.

Be prepared - ensure that your revenue
will not be negatively affected.

Electronic health records (EHR)

We deliver high-quality cloud-based EHR services. Enjoy the Electronic health records solution -
traditional barriers now removed. Our EHR software solutions will help you coordinate your
patients’ care and comply with healthcare reform demands.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Using NOORLOGIC Enterprise Resource Planning solution you’ll be able to optimize ERP applications and processes with continuous modernization.

We deliver top-notch custom ERP
solutions to our partners.


Indeed, your customers deserve the best experience. Create custom software for your business
requirements including marketing, sales, and other business needs on one cloud-based unique platform.

Want your product to be designed, developed, and work properly? We’re here to solve that for you.

Develop Powerful Software with NOORLOGIC.