Data Migration

Migrate Your Data to Different Platforms at any Time!

With NOORLOGIC data migration solutions you can transfer your data to other platforms easily and safely. Our data migration service providers make it possible for you to have the necessary options you need to manage your data. Regardless of the case, whether you want to move current archives into Enterprise Vault, or if you want to bring data in-house from your hosted provider services, we are here to secure your data migration process.

Moving Data Has Never Been So Easy

Most often, business owners are being unable to read archived emails with other types of email archiving platforms. In these cases, there are few possible options left - let our data migrationpros perform successful migration of master and dynamic data into your target system.

Software Migration Services

We provide migration services for enterprise-class applications, servers, operating systems, databases, websites, and IT companies, and digital platforms. We are here to maintain a full chain of custody at a cost that is affordable to you.

Website Migration Services

Our developers provide website migration services for businesses that require advanced functionality or collapsed webhosts. Using proven backup services, we perform continuous load testing as well as performance tuning to ensure a streamlined transition and train our support engineers accordingly, keeping aware of the latest innovations. Having flexible options, we also provide monthly support options.

Our team has experience migrating sites to and from different webhosts (Bluehost, HostGator, GoDaddy) and CMS's (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace).

Database Migration Services

We provide various custom migration services. To help you migrate your files better, we provide migration services for migrating databases to new servers, Database Management Systems (DBMS) as well as various file formats, taking pains to ensure complete data integrity along the way. We migrate different data types, using the best practices and robust version control protocols.

Enterprise Platform Migration Services

Our team of professional developers performs rapid upgrades for legacy enterprise platforms.They migrate all data and business logic to new platforms. We have experience working with different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, Content Management Systems (CMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

Software Migration Solutions