About us

NOORLOGIC LLC is a fast growing Software Development Company. We aim to become a trusted partner worldwide through cooperation and partnership.

Our mission is to provide a quality service worldwide and to achieve Value for Money.

From analyzing to implementation and launch, we are here to help you find fit for purpose solutions to your business. We are committed to Value for Money, honesty, trust and quality.

In our team, we look for Learners and not only Doers, i.e. those who strive for constant learning and development. Our professional and creative team has expertise in healthcare, education, public administration, finance and other industries.

Our job is to answer the

What, Why and How

questions to reveal customer insights and offer state of the art solutions with further support and maintenance to our partners worldwide. Our partners come from different industries and include both startups and large corporations. We strive to provide high quality services and Value for Money.